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You want to take more responsibility in an international area? Good language skills coupled with a hands-on expertise ensure both a clear communication with your business partners and a huge benefit for your career progression.
There are various funding possibilities for our courses.

Subsidies for Job Seekers in Salzburg
The Education/Development Cheque of Salzburg (Bildungsscheck)

With the Bildungsscheck, the province of Salzburg sponsors training programs that are professionally relevant.

Level of support: 50% of course fees, up to a maximum of € 830

persons over 50 years receive a funding up to a maximum of € 1,250


Find more information on: www.salzburg.gv.at/bildungsscheck

Subsidies for private customers throughout Austria

fit2work, an austrian federal social service provider, helps employers, employees, job seekers, and the unemployed persons to return to employment; especially those who have become unemployed previously because of a sick leave.  The support areas include information distribution, advice and support on issues of mental and physical health in the workplace. The aim of fit2work is to prevent and avoid persons of working age leaving the workface ahead of time (early retirement or long term sick leave) by providing accessible information and advice. Fit2work uses the existing provision of various facilities to provide guidance, advice and support from a single competent source.

Find more information on fit2work.at

People in educational leave can receive a further training allowance from the AMS.

Level of additional support: paid as part of unemployment benefit which is currently a minimum of € 14.53 per day.

Find more information on: www.ams.at - keyword: "Bildungskarenz"


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