Fun with foreign languages

Fun is the biggest motivator for children and young people – and this also applies when learning a language. For this reason, our language programs are designed in such a way that the participants are actively involved from the outset – for example through exciting role-playing activities, language games, varied exercises and coverage of age-appropriate topics. Swotting up on vocabulary and grammar is taboo!

Give your preschool kids a head start—in life now and later in school.

At Kindergarten

Learn English with our native-speaker instructors. Our curriculum guarantees English-learning, fun and enjoyment.

At School

A special learning boost for your child: choose from small groups or private courses—both offers maximize efficiency and results.

At the Berlitz Center

Our native-speaker instructors teach you at home: fun-factor guaranteed.

At Home


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Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

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