• Children learn a new language naturally in an exciting environment with memorable experiences

Learning by playing at Berlitz language camps

Open up new worlds for your child

No plans yet for the school holidays? Why not combine exciting leisure time activities with learning a new language? With a vacation in a Berlitz language camp you provide your child with an attractive alternative to foreign language learning in school. The international atmosphere and encounters with kids and teens of the same age from other countries make learning a language an exciting experience with an extra portion of motivation.

We offer language camps lasting for up to 1 week during the school holidays (spring, summer) for English. There are plenty of destinations within Austria to choose from as well as more than 30 available camp dates.

Any questions? Call us or send us an email. We are happy to advise you with no commitment needed on your part.

Intensive learning without pressure

For the language classes, we divide children and youngsters into separate groups according to their age and language abilities, and select the contents and course material according to their interests and strengths. Our native-speaking supervisors use the foreign language exclusively, including in their free time. Your child uses the newly acquired language skills immediately and makes noticeable progress daily during the entire language holiday.

How your child benefits from a Berlitz language camp:
Teaser - Kids & Teens - Activities -play ball within teams
  • Improved pronunciation and listening comprehension
  • Increased active vocabulary and greater accuracy in grammar
  • Self-confidence speaking in a foreign language grows rapidly
  • Great leisure time activities in the areas of sport, creativity, art, new media and adventure
  • Highest safety standards in all camp locations         


Our hotline phone number:

+43 134384701

Hours of availability:

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

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