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Kids & Teens Courses at School

Learning languages is an adventure every day

For pupils in school, language training with a native speaker is a fantastic complement to their regular English schooling. Our native speakers will visit your school and draw the kids playfully into the language with games and other fun activities. Experience either a weekly program over the school year, or intensive language training in a project week for the whole class.

After-School Programs — Enriching & Fun Extracurricular Activity for Kids & Teens

Give your child something to smile about with an enjoyable Berlitz Kids® After-School Program. An ideal extracurricular activity, our programs are a convenient solution for schools. Small groups encourage student participation and classes can meet at your school every week. We can also organize a project week for the whole class with a native speaker. Students learn to pronounce properly and express themselves in new situations, opening new pathways to the language.

Our program will broaden your child’s horizon and teach them valuable communication skills that will serve them well over the years. A colorful and meaningful insight into the beautifully diverse world they call home. Our program was developed in collaboration with National Geographic Learning in an exclusive partnership with the National Geographic Society. The Our World curriculum incorporates a treasure trove of interactive projects and collaborative work - because children learn best by doing! Topics in the program range from culture and geography to business and nature, they increase cultural awareness and provide your child with important skills in the future.

Berlitz Kids & Teens School Programs Feature
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  • Age-appropriate program, designed for children ages 8-11
  • Qualified native speaker teachers specializing in child education
  • Kids are encouraged to speak the majority of the time during lessons
  • Self-study support through student book, workbook, CD and multimedia activities

Continuous Improvement and Long-term Success

What's more, the Berlitz Method® immerses your child in the target language, guaranteeing quick, lasting results no matter what their level of proficiency is at the start of the program.

And the fun doesn't stop at course end: your children can continue to use their student book, CD and multimedia material to reinforce their understanding of all they learn during the Berlitz Global Adventure. The online network known as the Berlitz Global Adventure Community serves as a platform where your kids can further expand their horizons while connecting with other adventurers around the globe. This helps them internalize the importance of international cooperation and dialogue, all the while maintaining friendships and continuously improving their English skills.


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