Corporate Language Training

Course content tailored to your company’s needs

It’s up to you: get where you want to go with tailored face-to-face teaching at your company premises or at your local Berlitz Center, or you can opt instead for a distance learning solution that you can access wherever you are.

A variety of private classes, always held by highly qualified instructors to suit your needs.

Individual Instruction

4-10 employees learn together to develop the exact skills and competences needed to flourish at work.

Corporate Group Courses

2 days only! Exciting (business) topics in English, German or French.

Business Workshops

Learn languages live online from any location — tons of speaking time guaranteed!

Virtual Classroom Group

Enter the online learning platform CyberTeachers—as a stand-alone course or in combination with other class formats (virtual or telephone) as a blended-learning tool.

E-Learning/Blended Learning


Our hotline phone number:

+43 134384701

Hours of availability:

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

Berlitz Center