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Efficient Communication

Efficient communication is now more important than it has ever been. It is the rock upon which businesses and
careers are built and is a key component of continued success.

Presentations 1 + 2

Presentations should not only be descriptive but entertaining and professional at the same time. These courses are designed to provide you with the know-how.

How to Resolve Conflicts 1 + 2

Analysing your own behaviour in conflict situations and developing effective strategies for de-escalation are in the scope of these courses.

Dealing with Changes 1 + 2

Learn the right response to changes to customer needs, corporate strategies, products, processes, structures and work conditions in times of rapid change.

How to Give and Receive Feedback 1 + 2

Feedback is needed in daily work processes to work towards the same goals. Constructive feedback helps you to modify your self-perception and check your behaviour.

Assertivenes Training 1 + 2

Assertiveness is the ability to take your own needs into account without infringing on other people’s rights. In this seminar, you will learn to argue your case in front of audiences.

Faciliating Interactive Meetings 1 + 2

These courses focus on practical knowledge of discussion types and work stages to help participants to conduct work meetings in a more efficient and structured manner.


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