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Your language trainig: Blended: Online + Training via phone

Language: English

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The seamless Blended Learning experience


Your advantages

Your benefits with Berlitz blended learning language courses

  • Live instruction from a private trainer through telephone or Skype
  • Unlimited access to CyberTeachers throughout the duration of the course
  • Free choice of a selection of online units and telephone courses
  • Learn anytime, from anywhere in the world through telephone instruction
  • Available in many popular languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German


  • Language: English
  • Start level: Berlitz Levels/CEF Level: For everyone
  • Location: Online Training
This course offers an ideal combination of individual instruction (through telephone or Skype) and our award-winning CyberTeachers e-learning program. As such, it provides your company with a highly effective approach to foreign language learning. This Berlitz blended learning option is particularly suitable for busy employees.
Our CyberTeachers online platform allows for tailored language instruction around the clock. Participants work according to their own customized schedules, which we put together based on proficiency tests, the learner’s work area, and their individual interests. The personal learning schedule is based closely on their language skills, learning goals, and their individual learning pace. This guarantees fast-tracked success with learning the new language.
The best of both worlds
Blended learning offers language training through individual telephone sessions for improved oral proficiency. This works hand in hand with our web-based CyberTeachers platform to improve participants’ grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. The telephone lessons cover topics looked at in the online exercises and are an extremely useful chance to answer any questions participants may have. The language course can be adapted at any time – for example, more time can be invested in participants’ questions or documents from their day-to-day work.
The Phone Blended Learning course is the ideal match for businessmen and women with busy schedules. Contact one of our consultants to find out the perfect Blended Learning solution for your employees.

Available for 5 target languages:
English, Spanish, French, German and Italian

It's possible to join your language course at any Berlitz/CEF level.

Additional level information

After a personal assessment in your local language center, we will discuss how you would like to use your chosen language. Based on this, we'll define together your personal language goal. Here we'll consider the number of lessons required, and will define the lesson plan together with you.

Additional level information


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