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There is a difference! 

BerlitzEnglishTM - Language program levels 5 to 8

Conversation and negotiation language skills

Who is it for?

Do you already speak good English but want to build on and hone your skills for private or professional reasons? The new BerlitzEnglishTM Levels 5 to 8 with individually selected focus areas will help you to speak the English appropriate to your professional requirements using up-to-date, real-life content.

We provide:

  • Focus areas: Business I and II, Meetings and Presentations, Business Writing and Emails, Negotiations, Social Situations, Arts and Entertainment
  • Practical language skills with checklists for work situations 
  • Specialist vocabulary, job-related and colloquial expressions
  • Learning content from contemporary publications by leading business journalists
  • Diverse course materials: Course book, Audio CD, accompanying website

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