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English at its best!

For Kids & Teens:

Berlitz Kids & Teens Camps offer sports and lots of action for 8 to 16 year-olds. In the morning there are English lessons with our trainers, all of whom are native speakers. Then there's a real holiday feeling in the afternoon, with sporting activities followed by an evening program. And the activities take the different age groups of the children into account at all times.

There's a disco, a treasure hunt and a cinema, a disco boat with a late night laser show, and a barbecue. The sporting options are equally varied, and range from riding, tennis, sailing and surfing, through to a creative product and a program to help participants earn their golfing license and take part in a golf tournament course for 8 to 16 year-olds. No matter what your child or children eventually decide to go for, it all adds up to lots of fun and learning success - guaranteed!

Überblick der Berlitz Camps An overview of all the Berlitz Kids & Teens Camps 2015

Schedule What you can expect a typical day at the Berlitz Camp 2015 to look like

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